First time introduce the HTC Flyer using Gingerbread, but now the XDA Developer community already introduce the Gingerbread for Honeycomb. We already tested with FlyHoney Rom v0.2 and I really enjoy using FlyHoney for my HTC Flyer. This is good because I get some benefit from upgrade it (although it is still beta).

  • Better UI (User Interface)
  • More¬†Longer¬†Battery Life
  • Better and faster performance
  • The Magic Pen work more precise
  • It is Honeycomb v3.2

I think worth to upgrade the HTC Flyer to Honeycomb, but if you can wait for the final release of HTC Flyer Honeycomb, you can wait for OTA update.

At December 2011, the final version of Honeycomb has released to public, but not all region will get it as OTA (On The Air) update. Some of us have to flash RUU with computer after download it. But if you can wait, I think every region will get it by OTA.

This article is talking about htc flyer update v3 2 version. You can find other topic at our related post bellow.