Huawei Mediapad 7″ is a tablet that has a great ability, as a premium tablet Huawei Mediapad 7″  certainly have a lot of things that can be done by this tablet. Huawei MediaPad 7″ has a high specification such as 1.2GHz dual-core processor that the operating system can be upgraded. As I write this article, the operating system which ready for Hauwei MediaPad 7 ” is the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

How to Upgrade Huawei Mediapad ROM?

Huawei Mediapad now is ready for ICS, we can find the update from official Huawei website, when we download the file usually it already compress with zip file, we have to extract the compressed file to specific folder at our computer, after that we will find DLOAD folder with full of content, then we just have to copy the DLOAD folder (with all content) to external memory microSD, then put it at our Huawei Mediapad. The last thing to do is just Boot the tablet and it will run by itself, just wait less than 15 minutes than everything will done after twice autoboot. It is easy to upgrade Huawei Mediapad ROM, we can do it without worry to break our Mediapad. The very important think before upgrade is make sure the battery is fully charge, if not the Huawei Mediapad will not run when try to upgrade.

upgrade huawei mediapad to jelly bean

Does Huawei MediaPad still can be upgrade to Android version Jelly Bean?

As we know with 1.2Ghz Dual-Core processor is fit to run Android Jelly Bean. The Huawei MediaPad 7″ have high specification then of course the ability to upgrade is very possible . So we’re just waiting for the official release to upgrade Jelly Bean from Huawei for MediaPad 7 “.

if we still need a faster upgrade without waiting for official release of Huawei Mediapad 7″, then we can find some custom ROM for Huawei MediaPad 7 ”  in some Android community forums such as XDA-Developers and other similar community.



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