How to optimize camera result for XPERIA Z1 HONAMI with better quality and features. One of the most interesting from XPERIA Z1 HONAMI is the good camera system with 20.7 megapixel camera using G lens which claim give wonderful picture while shooting in every conditions. Although XPERIA Z1 HONAMI build in camera specifications is good, but we need to optimize before taking nice picture in every situations.

XPERIA Z1 HONAMI in specific country have different name as Sony Xperia Z1 C6902/L39h or Sony Xperia Z1 C6903 or Sony Xperia Z1 C6906 or Sony Xperia Z1 C6943, all of these type will give the same camera result when we use this page informations.

FAQ of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera Information :

How to Good Camera Quality of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI ?

XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera resolutions is 20.7 megapixel, the result is good and sharp, nice color tone for outdoor and indoor picture.

How big the sensor of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

The sensor of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera size is 1/2.3-inch, for reference, more big the sensor, then the image result should be better.

What is Camera Lens Aperture for XPERIA Z1 HONAMI ?

Every camera have lens to take a good picture, the lens have aperture which is also known by f. More small f number mean more big the real aperture of lens. The XPERIA Z1 HONAMI aperture is f/2.

How to Improve Good Camera Quality of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI ?

There are several way to improve the shooting quality, important about XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera is better light. The camera will be automatically reduce the capture speed if the light is reduce. The slower shutter speed will make the camera take blur moving object.

sony z1 honami camera faq


How to take Better Night Shot for XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera ?

Night shot usually less light, so you can take a good picture in low light by the help of internal Flash Light which already equip at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI. Since XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have big aperture lens, so this camera will have good result when take a picture in low light situations.

How to Reset Camera Setting of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI ?

If you need to reset XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera, open the camera application, go to camera menu and choose Reset to default > Choose YES

How Many Megapixel at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera is 20.7 megapixel camera, it can take maximum resolutions at 5248 x 3936 pixels pixels.

Can I Take Panorama with XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

Yes we can take Panorama option at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera. What is Panorama picture? Panorama mean that we can take several picture from left to right or the opposite and join that pictures result into one wide picture.

What is HDR at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

HDR is High Dynamic Range, this is the feature of XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera to take some pictures in one condition and one object without moving. Usually we use HDR picture when we need to take photo with backlight conditions. The camera will take good metering of front light object, and take back light object and calculate with good balance of light between each object.

Is XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have Camera Have Flash / Light ?

Yes XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera have LED Flash or light. We can use this flash with 3 options: Always On, Automatically On, and Always Off. Please note the camera flash is not working while we use XPERIA Z1 HONAMI as Wifi Hotspot tethering.

Why XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera Error or Not Responding or Stop Working ?

There are several cause which can make XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera stop working or not responding, some problem comes from another applications crash. Please try to do reboot or restart XPERIA Z1 HONAMI and then try to take a picture again.

How Many Maximum Picture Can Take with XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

We can take as many picture as we want when using XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera, but the limitation is how many free space at camera memory. At normal usage, we can save more than thousand pictures at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI internal memory.

How to Copy Picture or Photo at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

After taking a lot of photo from XPERIA Z1 HONAMI, the images by default saved inside the memory. Maybe in some situations we need to move picture outside the phone (computer or flash drive). We can move or copy all images or pictures at XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera to other storage like PC or USB Flash Drive.

If we need to move or copy images from XPERIA Z1 HONAMI to  USB Flash drive, we need to connect the XPERIA Z1 HONAMI with USB OTG cable, and then plug the USB to OTG Port and copy with file manager. You may need to download file manager application from Google Play Store.

To Copy picture or photo from XPERIA Z1 HONAMI to computer, we need to connect XPERIA Z1 HONAMI with USB data cable, and connect to USB computer. After PC / computer can detect the XPERIA Z1 HONAMI, we can try to open File Explorer or File Manager at PC then choose mounted drive which connect to XPERIA Z1 HONAMI, open the Root Folder and Choose folder with DCIM name, all photo shot are save at that folder.

Is XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have Camera Hardware Shutter Button?
Yes, this is interesting because XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have dedicated hardware shutter button, other option to take a picture like other Android smartphone, we can touch the virtual shutter button to take a picture in camera applications.

Is XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have Autofocus ?

For high end smartphone, the autofocus is a must because we can have good and sharp picture when the object is focus well. Yes XPERIA Z1 HONAMI have autofocus. The other good things from XPERIA Z1 HONAMI camera is the ability to focus with smile or face detector. If we take several face then the camera will automatically focus at the faces inside the frame.

Can I Record Video with XPERIA Z1 HONAMI Camera ?

Yes we can take maximum full HD 1080p video recording with 30fps. We can reduce the video quality at camera setting menu. We also can record the video using flash light to give more light when record at low light conditions.

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