Guide and Tips for backup and transfer Photo or Images from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE III. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have several type as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005. That product typically have the same specifications for the camera and how to backup the images also not different.

Save Images SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 at The Right Locations

The default location of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 images location which is save from camera is saved inside internal memory card. There are 3 different internal memory for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 which have from 16GB or 32GB or 64GB.

How to Backup and Transfer Photo or Images from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 to Computer ?

  1. We can transfer to computer using several ways, but we are now talking about transfer from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 using USB data cable using Microsoft Windows or Mac.
  2. Connect the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 with computer using USB data cable.
  3. If this is the first time you connect the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 to Computer, then the computer will be install the driver until it can read SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 data files location.
  4. When everything done, go to File Explorer from our computer
  5. From File Explorer, open and copy phone DCIM folder to other location at our computer hard drive, because all default data images will be saved inside that folder.

backup images samsung galaxy note 3

How to Backup and Transfer Photo SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 at Cloud Drive ?

We can have other locations to backup our important image especially when we are away from our computer, but this backup method will need to use Internet data connection like Wifi to make it backup smoothly without cost more by using Google Cloud Drive. What is Cloud Drive? Basically the main idea of cloud drive is our local drive will be backup automatically to other location automatically without our interference every time the backup do the job. We just need to setup the Cloud Drive in the first time, and the rest will be work by itself.

What is Recommended Cloud Drive to Backup Photo or Images from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 ?

# Using Google+ Photo Auto Backup at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3

  1. If we can not find Google+ applications from our SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3, then we need to download it first from Google Play Store.
  2. Google+ is integrated with our Google account username and password which already setup at the first time we use SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3, just make sure the account of Google+ already activate.
  3. If you Google account already login with Google+ applications, try to enable theInstant Upload option from setting menu.
  4. Make sure our SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 default synchronize setting is already selected. Please try to see at Main SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 Menu > Setting > Account & Sync
  5. Select Google application
  6. Choose Google+
  7. Choose Auto Backup, and select On to activate it.

# Using Dropbox Camera Upload at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3

  1. We need to make sure Dropbox applications already installed at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3. We can install or update the latest Dropbox version from Google Play Store
  2. Please login and activate the Dropbox account.
  3. Go to Dropbox applications, choose Setting
  4. Choose to Turn on Camera Upload
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