Android is an operating system, but as we know for now Android is the biggest operating system in the world market share. There are many factory or brand make their own smartphone with their personal feature or common feature in for give more advantage when user use their product, and since Android operating system is free to use for everyone and have big resources of applications choice at Gooogle Play Store then they of course use Android operating system for their product phone or tablet.

Now we are talk about NEXUS brand from Google. Nexus is brand for Android smartphone which collaboration between Google and other brand factory like HTC, Samsung, Asus, LG and maybe many company will join with Nexus smartphone development. Although Nexus is produce let say by Samsung or others, that smartphone will user Google Nexus brand, so design and development will be created by Google.

why i choose google nexus

Why do We Choose and Buy Google Nexus Smartphone ?

There are several thing to consider before buy Google Nexus smartphone if compare by other brand :

  1. Google Nexus design and software development directly by Google, so usually the newest version of Android will be available at latest Nexus smartphone.
  2. Google Nexus have Long Term Support by Google for the operating system, for appropriate specifications, Google will continue to maintain the upgrade of operating system for Google Nexus family. So, if we have two years Nexus smartphone, but the specifications still fit to new Android operating system, then Google will create development for that Nexus.
  3. Google Nexus have high class specifications when the time Google Nexus introduce in the market, although not the best specifications, but Google Nexus smartphone will have high specifications class.
  4. Google Nexus price is cheaper if compare by similar other brand smartphone, because Google want to give the best experience while using Android, of course if user by good specifications smartphone with cheaper price will make more fun to use Android.
  5. Google Nexus have wide community development, and this is will continue to provide more interesting experience for Nexus user with many custom community operating system.