Android is a smartphone that already used by many people. Android smartphone has the ability to be able capture pictures and record videos. Almost all users of Android smartphones are always capture the important moment, so it can be stored at Android and viewed again next time.

In this article will discuss how to move data from android smartphone to the computer. Yes the data can be vary, maybe the photo image, video or other files. Actually there are several ways that can be used to transfer data from Android to a computer, but the most recommended and easiest is to use a data cable. Usually all Android will have a usb port for communication with other equipment such as a computer, usb port can be connected directly to the computer using the USB cable that came together in the box.

When the USB cable is connected between the computer Android, the information at Android will appear options for data communication, choose usb storage so the Android can be recognized by the computer as usb storage. Once communication is established, then we can easily move the data with the help of File Explorer or a other File Manager on that computer.

This information can be use to almost all computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac or other as far as the operating system can read the usb storage and the driver is ready if it cannot recognized the Android. When we need the Driver, usually can be find easily at the website of the Android brand. Such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Acer, Lenovo, or other brand.

Where is Folder Photo and Video File Save location at Android ?

Base by what we know, almost all Android by default will save the photo and video file at /SDCARD/DCIM folder. Find this folder using file manager at Android or at Computer when the connection already establish.