At year 2012 HTC already product the fantastic dual-on smartphone with Android ICS operating system. This is what many people wait because there are so many user have to bring about 2 phone for GSM and CDMA. With HTC Desire VC, we just have to bring one smartphone because it can on together with CDMA and GSM, HTC Desire VC also can received together (one is on hold).

If HTC Desire VC can work together for CDMA and GSM, it mean this phone have dual radio which on together, how about the battery life? Becuase while using single GSM, we still need more power for the battery by using external power. Ok, this is the anwer: When using GSM Android, we usually use HSDPA or 3G for internet data communication. Well as we know using 3G / HSDPA is more power consumption if comparing with 2G.

HTC Desire VC at GSM radio does not have 3G / HSDPA module, it is good because the data only using 2G and of course it will safe the power consumption. How about if wee need more speed for internet data connection? Don’t worry about it, becase HTC Desire VC at CDMA radio have more speed at EVDO rev A. So, how to safe HTC Desire VC battery life? just use the data connection as what we need, if we only need to receive email and chat, using 2G will working good.