SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a is an Android smartphone with 3.5″ LCD screen and at the first time sell in the market using operating system ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) version 4.04. After several time in the market, the Android is upgraded to Jelly Bean version, and in this time there are a lot of SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  users ask about how to upgrade SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  to Jelly Bean Operating system.

The short answer for this question is there are no official Jelly Bean upgrade for SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a. This infromation is already told by Sony at least when we made this information. But do not worry about this problem because as we know between ICS and Jelly Bean are not many different, for the user interface and setting menu everything is more less the same. That’s is why we do not worry about always using ICS for SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a, in fact this smartphone is really working good with this operating system.


How to Upgrade SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  with Jelly Bean Non Official Release (Custom ROM)?

The other option for anybody who would like to force the SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  upgrade to Jelly Bean can be done by using non official release. Becareful to use unofficial operating system, because this is only recommended for expert user or non use for work SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a . Why? Some non official operating system or custom rom is have several bugs, if you are always use SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  for daily work, we are not suggesting to upgrade with non standard operating system.


upgrad experia tipo jelly bean


Follow this Step to upgrade SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a with Custom ROM:

  1. Unlock SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a  Bootloader with Official Sony website
  2. After Unlock, you should ROOT SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a with this website
  3. After Root, you should install ClockWorkMod (CWM) with this website
  4. After installing CWM, you can install the custom ROM SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a choosing from this website
  5. Please read all information carefully before doing custom ROM.(Source: XDA For Xperia TIPO)

Note: This step only recommended for expert user, we do not suggest anyone to do this step if you never done upgrade custom rom before. Please find some help if you are not sure about what are you doing, because you may make the SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a become broke if the step is missing or done with wrong way. All data and applications will be deleted or wipe from this smartphone phone, you should backup all data before upgrade SONY XPERIA TIPO ST21i & ST21a.

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