Huawei Honor is a great Android smartphone that has good photo quality. The camera equipped with 8 megapixel camera with autofocus capability. To help users get good photos when ambiance light is low, the LED Flash support is a great solution at Huawei Honor.

To start camera functions by using a camera shortcut on the main menu. However, at Huawei Honor there is not equipped with dedicated hardware keys for camera shutter button, but this is not a problem because most of the Android is not equipped with a separate dedicated shutter button. Then, how do I capture a photo? To capture images we just press the virtual shutter button on the camera interface which is owned by Huawei Honor.

If we see more detail on the camera interface, there several things at Huawei Honor menu. We can select the picture size to the smallest VGA resolution if we want to transferred to another mobile phone or choose maximal 8 megapixel resolution if we want to print or memorialized at our computer. In addition to our camera menu can also choose the quality of the picture, this corresponds to compression of photo detail and size affect its filesize, my recommendation is to always use the maximal 8MP resolution and highest Picture Quality in Super Fine. If we would like to send in a smaller size, it can easily be done with the help of applications that can be selected at Google Play / Android Market.

There is one part of the internal menu prepared by Huawei camera Honor, that feature HDR (High Dynamic Range), this function is quite important if we take a photo with the back of the object that are brighter (back light), the HDR feature will calculate the dark and light metering, then taken to the neutral light to make good image result.

If we need more additional feature in the Camera Huawei Honor ?

Actually, without the camera additional software, we can easily get images that suit of our needs, but if we still want to get more facility and additional filter for the camera, it is advisable to download the 3th party application like Camera 360 and others.