HTC Desire VC is dual-core Android with dual-on CDMA and GSM. This is smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich and have 4 inchi capacitive LCD. Like other HTC smartphone, this Desire VC have main camera which can take a good quality picture. The camera of HTC Desire VC in the backside have 5 megapixel with maximum resolution at 2592х1944 pixels.

HTC Desire VC Fast Focus and Other Great Functions

The most important think when we are using camera is how good the focus and how fast the camera get the focus. When using HTC Desire VC, we can have fast autofocus without worry getting blur image, the HTC Desire VC also have tap focus function, so it can focus to selected position by tapping the lcd then the white box will appear to focus. The focus will try to find other focus when we move the camera, so it will refocus again as we more the camera.

Face Detection also available at this camera, when we want to capture people object, the HTC Desire VC camera will focus to face of that people, some face can be capture together. This function will help us to get clear people image.

There are also Zoom in and Zoom out function which available at HTC Desire VC Camera, the Zoom in have the same meaning of Digital Zoom, so it will make the object become bigger when we choose the Zoom in, but it is always not recommended to use digital zoom when using digital camera, because it will make the result become not good (depend on situation and light condition).



How to Get Good Photo using HTC Desire VC?

To get good image quality when taking photo with HTC Desire VC, one thing that should be consider is good light and steady hold when shoot the object. If the light condition is not enough, better to get help from LED Flash HTC Desire VC. The LED Flash can be choose Automatic, No Flash or Always On, so choosing Always On is recommended when the light condition is not good.