When using Sony Xperia Tipo Android, we want to know about the camera specification and how good the Sony Xperia Tipo camera. As we know that Sony Xperia Tipo have 5 megapixel camera with maximum resolution at 2048×1536 pixel. This is good enough when we want to take a picture especially when we are in the outdoor condition, because the Sony Xperia Tipo do not have internal flash which can help us to get more light when the ambiance light not bright enough.

Sony Xperia Tipo have good color image when using to take a phone, the most important thing is about light conditions. More light will give better result. The Sony Xperia Tipo camera do not have autofocus to help us getting good result, but once again this camera still except able when taking a outdoor picture. Sony Xperia Tipo camera have 4x digital zoom. For video conference purposes, Sony Xperia Tipo not equipped with a front camera, that’s why we can not use it to chat or do video conferencing.

Video Recording at Sony Xperia Tipo

Like other Android camera, the Sony Xperia Tipo also can use to record the camera, but again this is only good when we need low resolution video recording or want to take a movie to share at social networking such as Facebook, or Youtube.